What is a Catholic Romantic you may ask?

Well, Dictionary.com defines the word “romantic” as: (n.) a romantic person.

However, if you’re one of “those” who are put off by the redundant, a more insightful definition of the word “romantic” is “passion,” a “preoccupation with love,” or even “impractical or unrealistic.”

The Catholic Romantic is one who does not see the world according to its own practical or realistic constraints.  It is a longing for immersion in the depth of God’s heart, an indescribable yearning for an encounter with the Divine that reveals colors unseen, symphonies unheard, and all that is…awesome.

At this point it’s important to add that these are not the musings of an “actual” romantic but of a foolish Catholic with romantic tendencies.

Long live Truth, Beauty, and Love!


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