Posted by: Mike | July 14, 2013

Your Life is Loved

For a Christian, life is not the product of mere chance, but the fruit of a call and personal love.

— Pope Francis (@Pontifex) July 14, 2013

Little boy on beach at sunsetThe phenomenon of creating life is perhaps one of the most underrated miracles; the frequency with which it happens should not make it any less so.  Mankind tends to believe, at times more or less explicitly than others, that the creation of life is a purely material act under our control.  We forget that we are only co-creators, mutual participants with the author of Life.  We had no input in the design of the human person and the manner in which the species is propagated.  Further, our participation isn’t necessary, it is pure gift.

When the Pharisees are priding themselves on being sons of Abraham in Scripture, St. John the Baptist retorts that God could raise sons of Abraham from the very stones.  The Lord of all creation does not need us to create human life; He did not need it in the beginning and he certainly does not need it now.  Our participation is a gift.  It is an insight into a facet of our Creator’s existence.

As a father myself, I remember a unique moment with the birth of our first child.  I had read a multitude of resources to prepare myself for the experience, both mentally and emotionally, but nothing compared to the event itself.  I remember beholding my child for the first time, holding her in my arms overcome with awe and joy, tears flooding my eyes…when I heard a whisper: “Mike, you see this?  Do you feel this?  This is just a glimpse of the joy I have when I see you.”

The joy of childbirth is merely a taste of the infinite delight and awe God has for each and every one of you.  You bring a greater joy to His heart than you could ever imagine.  As parents, mystics experiencing in creation what can’t be seen by human eyes, we should be forever humbled and honored by such a remarkable gift.

P.S. I highly recommend listening to “Take Me Into the Beautiful” by Cloverton while reflecting on this.



  1. beautiful song.

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